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Nowadays studying in college can be compared to “Mission: Impossible”. Let’s think about this. In 24 hours per day, every student needs to fit classes, preparing assignments, working till late hours to earn some extra money. And go to the gym or have a good run, because you need to stay in shape. And prepare healthy food, because your mother taught you so. And have some social life, just not too crazy. And you should sleep 8 hours per day because tomorrow you need to repeat this action all over again.

Trying to find a balance between different aspects of life students use the best solution that modern technology world can suggest them. To be exact, students found the great support in mobile apps. After about 9 years of development, apps evolved from the simple software with basic options to a huge range of mobile products for different operation systems that can actually fix almost any your problem. We prepared for you TOP-5 original apps you need for college that will make your student life little bit easier.

Let’s start with studying assistant (because college is all about studying, of course).

GoConqr is a pretty useful revision app, which offers resources to create revision charts, mind maps, flashcards, notes, and quizzes. The great bonus of this app is an ability to connect and collaborate with friends, classmates or students from around the world. This one of the most popular free college apps you can find on the App Store as well. 

Plan your day and classes with popular student planner app Timetable. Featuring a sharp and clean interface, this app saving your schedule, including information about exams and projects, and working as a homework organizer app. All that you need to do is type in all the data once, and Timetable will synchronize all your devices. Another interesting feature of this app is “silent mode”. Your phone will never ring during lecture again – Timetable automatically turning off the sound of your device during classes.

SoundNote is popular among useful apps for students. It is a lecture capture app, acting as a notepad and audio recorder, so you can store an entire lecture in both visual and audio form. There’s no need anymore to force yourself paying attention to the boring lecture. This app will do all the dirty work for you.

Stop being a persistent snoozer with Alarmy: Sleep If You Can app! Alarmy is not a simple alarm app for students with some basic features. This app requires user to complete small tasks before the alarm turns itself off. For example, you will need to take a photo of your sleeping neighbor or shake the phone up and down a number of times.

Have you ever felt a lack of motivation before going out for a run? Well, this app won’t help you with this. Instead, Zombies, Run! will motivate you when jogging to run even faster. The app plays your own music playlists alongside recorded audio depicting a zombie apocalypse, in which you must run from the infected. More than a little terrifying, yes, but as a super-intense workout, it’s hard to beat!
App waiting for iOS users as well on the App Store.

Try new apps from our list, share your favorite ones in comments and may full battery be with you!

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