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College applications are intimidating packets full of different forms to fill out. You have to release all of your demographic information, boast about your accomplishments, and minimize your weaknesses. Looking great on paper is the key to gaining acceptance to any major University. Interestingly, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to write a killer college essay that will melt the hearts of the admissions staff and add some color to your black and white paper identity. There are a few secrets to writing the best college essays, and we will discuss some of those secrets here. Writers from ThePensters know the secret of great college essay writing service.

Pick a Motivational Topic

Admissions staffs want to know what makes you tick and why you want to go to their school. They are looking for individuals who will truly benefit from their resources and someday make them look good for teaching you everything you know.

Pick a topic that sounds motivational. What motivates you to do well in school and achieve things? Some people write about relatives dying or near death experiences of their own. Some people write about how they strive to be better than their parents. Some people write about what they want to do in the future. Using inspirations from your past to justify what you want to do in the future tells the admission staff that you have a deep motivation and a strong determination. Showing that you want to overcome your past also shows strong determination. Be creative with the story. If you can’t think of anything truly inspirational about your life, embellish on your memories a little. Send a message about how promising your future is if only you get accepted.

Use Complex Sentence Structure

When reading your essays, universities are looking to gauge your sophistication and intelligence by your writing style. Writing skills are extremely important in academic circles so it is imperative to do your best to impress the admissions staff with your prose. Use complicated vocabulary words (correctly, of course) and use complex sentence structures to spice up your paragraphs. Do not overdo the writing though so that sentences don’t make sense and vocabulary words are too over-the-top.

Keep it Short

College essays usually have a word limit, but in case yours does not have one, remember to keep it short. Admissions staffs have to read thousands of essays in just a couple of months to meet deadlines. They are so swamped and stressed about making sure every voice is heard that they probably will not read your essay past the second page. You must fit everything that you want the admissions staff to know in these first pages or they will not acquire all of the great information about you that they can. Keeping essays short also causes the admissions staff to think that you have a measure of skill. While it is complicated to write a ten-page research paper, it is just as complicated to write a 1000 word essay that will decide the rest of your life in so few words.

College essays may be intimidating, but they are in your heart and ready to be written. Find a passion of yours or a past experience that inspires you and write from your heart. The admissions staffs are waiting to discover you. College essays are the key to standing out among the thousands, so spend as much time as you can to write your essay and perfect its contents.

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