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While working on your dissertation, don’t forget that it has quite a difficult structure. First of all, it should include three main parts such as an opening clause, the main part, and the last essential part is the conclusion. Every part has a significant meaning and requires a terrific and thoughtful attention.
Dissertation writing services say that the recommended size of the introduction part should be at least 5-6 pages. If you feel stuck on writing the introduction, you can always get dissertation writing help.

Include The Following

  • Appropriateness. Your introduction should be relevant to the selected topic of your research
  • Useful analysis of the investigated field
  • Define whether your examination contemporary or not
  • State the main instruments you’ve used for performing your research
  • Explain the main goals of your dissertation

Performing Analysis

Before starting to write your thesis remember to use only facilitated language in your introduction as it is important that less educated people might be able to read it as well. Ask your relatives of friends to check it out, and you’ll see whether a non-expert will be able to comprehend what you are talking about in your introduction.

Analysis is like a lobotomy. Who wants to have all their edges shaved off?
David Byrne

Important note: write your intro after you finish the main body. It does not necessarily mean that you should sit down and forget about this part of your dissertation, however, this tip will your writing process become easier. Writing the main part after the introduction may cause multiple amendments to the latter. Though, if you finish the body first, you will get your thoughts aligned, thus structuring the introduction won’t get you into trouble.

If you had written research work beforehand, you can consider taking the research proposal as an example for your dissertation introduction. They say these two parts of scientific works are drawing on each other.

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