writing skills

Are you struggling writing skills while other students take it easy? You have to obtain many component skills, from constructing sentences to word fluency to organization and drafting. Thanks to Steve Jobs and his iPhone, there are plenty of free and paid writing apps now specially designed to support skill growth and help students exercise and improve their writing.

iDeas for Writing is your starting point with thousands of awesome suggestions to give your stories a starting point.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This is an essential app for every student. Sometimes you get the whole idea, but you can’t find the exact words to express it. Most of the time you will use synonyms, so you have to improve your vocabulary. This dictionary is the perfect solution for the problem. You will learn by playing fun games. The developers did a good job, so you won’t feel bored while studying. For all levels of students.

Writing Challenge

Do you feel lonely and desperate while trying to write some sentences? Try communicating with your friends. The app will present a prompt where the player can immediately begin writing; soon, the prompt will change and the user can add characters and more.


Feeling tired of paragraph creation, presenting ideas and forming a well-written narrative? There is a StoryBuilder tool to help you with that. Pictures and various other technologies will make this process easy for you.

ABC Cursive Writing

Have you heard that your handwriting is awful? Have you thought about improving it? Consider ABC Cursive Writing app for you to begin with. With this handwriting app, you can learn beautiful handwriting. Zoo animals will help you with that as well. Just try it, and you will see that your assignment writing improves day by day.


This app is known as “the most appealing word processor” for a smartphone. It really is. It’s a strong word processor, but it’s also a nice-looking app that makes writing a breeze. Millenials love to use new technologies, thus you it will boost your essay writing skills.

Write About This

First of all, Write About This app will help you come up with essay topic and give a space to record the thinking process. It will be useful for elementary school students and English language learners. This app also creates images and writing prompts that give students an inspiration to write a story. You can choose from a variety of ideas that are divided into different categories. Your little sisters and brothers are also given the space to free write within this app.


Cool iPad app Foldify inspires young writers and increases their writing skills. With this writing app, you can form a cube with images on each side. After printing out your three-dimensional creation and assembling the cube, have children roll it across their desk and write an essay inspired by the image that it lands on. Therefore, if you like this app you’ll also want to try out Folidfy Zoo.