Hello everybody!

The Lazy Study Guide is a blog about education, career, inspiration and everything related to student’s life.
I liked to learn new things since childhood and I managed not to lose the aspiration to the new knowledge with time. You simply cannot stop the learning process because we study something new every day. And this might bring some difficulties on our way to success. Nevertheless, I hope this blog will help newbies discover new opportunities, discuss problems and share thoughts on vital topics.

The only thing I want to tell the new generation is that we shouldn’t be scared of mistakes. We all do them. Millenials are so scared to make a mistake that it makes me sit down and cry. It is important for everyone to understand that mistakes are an essential part of everyone’s life. So, let’s make it clear. It is absolutely normal to make wrong decisions when you’re 20 something. You won’t become a person you want to be without proper understanding what shouldn’t be done.

Hope my further tips will help you find yourself and not to worry about not being an ideal person.

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